Night drive nearby attractive

There is a place where you want to drive from Shuzenji Onsen and go within 15 minutes. Thrill feeling and natural beautye exist only because it is a countryside. They will be “joy” that cannot be tasted in the city.

| Asahi fall |

A high waterfall with a drop from 105m height. It is said that this name was given because it shines from the front when the morning sun rises. Of course, it’s beautiful in the moment when the morning sun rises, but it will be colored up at night in different ways. During the autumn leaves, the whole scenery becomes fantastic and you can see a wonderful sight up close.

| Darumayama rest house |

A superb view point where you can see Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji in front of you at noon. This turns into a night view spot at night. The light of a fishing boat floating in Suruga Bay and the light of a mountain hut that can be seen on Mt. Fuji in summer. And it is such a place where the stars in the beautifully glowing empty look very beautiful.

| Nishi-izu skyline |

This is a place where you can have a valuable experience unique to a car rather than a superb view at night. Please note that this Nishiizu Skyline is a place like “Night Safari Park”. There are small animals such as wild deer, wild boar, foxes and rabbits. Encountering wildlife that is only in the countryside may be a good memory. (Please try to drive safely. There are many times!)