• 伊豆の地物


  • 温泉街の人と空間


The staff himself fell in love with Shuzenji because of  exactly the warmth of the people living in this area. There is a tourist spot that has been a bustle since ancient times, so the staff of any restaurants is good at please the people anyway.

Hostel Knot can introduce with confidence because it is such a nice place. Here, we write real charms and features that are not written on “web site” and “SNS”, so please refer to them.


Izakaya / Ramen

Izakaya Ikibushi


It is popular among those who stay at KNOT with a hybrid type of izakaya & ramen shop. The amount of menu as snack and dishes for sake is abundant, and ramen is a popular immovable ramen that is not inferior to the taste of ramen shops and is popular among locals. You may get a service if you say that you came from Knot! ?

Address:761−12 Shuzenji /
Hours:17:00~24:00 (Sun:12:00~21:00) /
Closed:Mon /
Tel:0558-88-9275 /

5min from Knot

Authentic Japanese



Shuzenji specific food! If you are told, this is recommended! There are many local products, especially those who come from a distance in search of mitten crab udon. It is often the case that you are staying for a long time with locals. If you make a reservation for groups, you can use a large seat.

Address:868−1 Shuzenji /
Hours:11:00~13:30, 17:00~23:00 /
Closed:Wed /
Tel:0558-72-0917 /

6min from Knot




If you come by traveling alone, you will feel “I came on a trip!” The master is good at talking and just going back to life consultation. All the dishes made by the wife are so delicious that you don’t stop chopsticks. There is also a parlor seat, so it is recommended for those who want to relax and with children.

Address:3451-26 Shuzenji /
Hours:17:00~23:00 /
Closed:Wed /
Tel:0558-72-0347 /

3min from Knot


Ramen Hirochan


A shop that feels like a traditional town Chinese restaurant. The master is shy and doesn’t talk much, but his cooking skills are definitely great. A ramen shop that has been loved for a long time from the local area. Sio(salt) ramen with butter -based ramen and fried rice are delicious enough to slip on your throat even if you are full!

Address:3458−14 Shuzenji /
Hours:17:00~25:30 /
Closed:Tue /
Tel:0558-72-0460 /

4min from Knot


Matoi sushi


A sushi restaurant that is also popular in the local area that offers fresh fish. There are many regular customers from a distance with the only sushi restaurant in the hot spring town. A friendly and easy -to -talk general. There are times when it is full of weekdays, so you may want to make a reservation when you come to the store.

Address:1116−1 Shuzenji /
Hours:17:00~24:00 /
Closed:Tue /
Tel:0558-73-1134 /

4min from Knot


Shuzenji no Yoshokuya


As the name, it is a Western restaurant, but it is also recommended for those who want to eat ginger grilled pork and Japanese set meals! The chef’s dishes are gem. The dessert apple tart is the best staff. It is a space where you can slowly dig up and relax.

Address:697−1 Shuzenji /
Hours:11:00~14:00, 17:00~20:00 /
Closed:Mon, Tue /
Tel:0558-72-8971 /

10min from Knot




Lunch is open at an old private house cafe, and at night it is an old -fashioned izakaya. If you want to eat or drink lightly in a calm space, it is recommended. It is recommended that you search by MAP when you go because the location is a little difficult to get there.

Address:3461−10 Shuzenji /
Hours:12:00~16:00, 18:00~22:00 /
Closed:Mon, Tue /
Tel:0558-99-9673 /

5min from Knot

BBQ restaurant



A yakiniku restaurant loved by locals. There is a counter and a parlor, so you can easily go from one person. They are closed due to store renovation until 11/20. It is often cheap, delicious, and volumy that is cheap as well because of wholesale meat! !

Address:691−8 Shuzenji /
Hours:17:00~22:00 /
Tel:0558-72-3524 /

11min from Knot

BBQ restaurant

Omoni shokudo


A yakiniku restaurant that just opened in July 2022. Interior and high -quality meat and popular cold noodles reminiscent of a home -Korean yakiniku restaurant. There is also a counter seat and it is nice to be able to go alone!

Address:757-1 Shuzenji /
Hours:17:00~22:00 /
Closed:Wed、3rd Tue /
Tel:0558-79-3300 /

9min from Knot


Amago chaya


You can enjoy many dishes using river fish “Amago”. Pickled amago rice bowl is highly recommended. In addition, you can also enjoy wasabi hot pots depending on the season.The shiitake mushrooms specially made in Izu City. There is a temporary closure, so you may want to go and go there.

Address:765−1 Shuzenji /
Hours:11:00~18:30 /
Closed:Wed /
Tel:0558-73-2388 /

6min from Knot


Cafe Orta


A night cafe of Hostel Knot’s sister store that opened in June 2022. Although it is a business limited to Monday to Wednesday, locals and tourists often visit. Hostel Knot staff are there, so please have a chat. Sweets and snacks and alcohol. There are only things worthy of the word cheat.

Address:769−3 Shuzenji/
Hours:13:00~23:00 /
Closed:Thu〜Sun /
Tel:080-4819-5073 /

6min from Knot

Weekend bar



It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the deepest shop of Shuzenji Onsen, “Pub House Ashidematoi”. Hostel Knot has been helped, and there are friendly staffs and master. If you go to the bar, you will surely like it!

Address:1116−1 Shuzenji /
Hours:19:30~24:00 /
Closed:Mon~Thu /
Tel:0558-72-4961 /

4min from Knot