Q:Can we cancel or change our reservation?
A:Yes, you can.

Q:Is there a cancellation fee?
A:Yes, there is. It depends on a cancel policy below.

To stay

Q:Is reception open for 24h?
A:The reception is open 8:00AM – 9:ooPM. 

Q:What is the check-in/out tiome?
A:Check-in・・・4:00 – 9:00PM / check-out・・・8:00 – 10:00AM

Q:Can we check-in/out at different time?
A:Yes. Please send a message in advance. → Contact

Q:What is the payment method?
A:Only cash and card are accepted.  Visa, Master, American Express are acceptable.

Q:Can we stay with a child?
 ※1. 但し、お選びいただける部屋は個室のみとなりますので空き状況を事前にご確認の上ご予約をお願いいたします。
 ※2. 個室は基本大人2名様がゆったりとご利用いただける広さで設計してあります。お子様の人数や年齢によってご不明点がある場合は、お手数ですがその旨をお問い合わせください。

Q:Can we stay with a pet?
A:We are sorry but you can not.

Amenity & Service

Q:Can we park a car?
A:Yes, you can. The map is below. It cost ¥500 for 1 car.  You can park a car after check-out until 4:00PM. Please let us know when you make a reservation.

Q:How can we keep valuables?
A:Take care of your own valuables with locking the room door. Or you can ask the reception to keep them.

Q:Can we smoke in the room?
A:No, you can not. But we have a smoking area outside.

Q:Can we use Free Wi-Fi?
A:Yes, you can. 

Q:When do you lock the front?
A:9:00PM. After 9:ooPM, Please make sure to lock the front with your key which we give when you go out.


Q:Would you keep my baggage until check-in ot after check-out?
A:Yes. Ask the staff 

Q:Can we send our luggage in advance?
A:Yes, you can. Please send a message with “arrival date of luggage” or we can not accept without your contact information in advance.→ Contact