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    You are given some chances to do an activity in Shuzenji onsen

Ciro Kobo - 【ceramic art】

CIRO Kobo who can experience ceramic art. As a community -based workshop, it also sells Shuzenji -yaki vessels using the soil of Shuzenji, and the texture of red soil, which contains volcanic ash from Mt.Omuro.  
*Reservations are prioritized, but there are days when you can respond to the reception on the day. Please contact them by phone.

5min from Knot

814-2 Shuzenji 


Shuzenji kamiya washi kobo - 【Paper making】

Shuzenji Kamiya Washi Kobo is a studio that has been a Shuzenji paper that has been made at Shuzenji for a long time. Currently, they are engaged in the sales of Japanese paper made in the workshop and the experience of making Japanese paper. The made Japanese paper takes about a week to dry. As soon as it dries, it will be handed by mail. You can visit the workshop for free, so just look at it.

6min from Knot

1302−1 Shuzenji


Muguwara zaiku Ashita - Straw work

In the straw work shop “Ashita”, not only the old straw work, but also the straw recently work are theme of workshop. The backed struck with Japanese paper is colored with plants and cuts into colored paper are sold. The price is the simplest one and starts at 500 yen. The amount varies depending on the one with a lot of processes. The time required is 15 minutes to 1 hour, so how about making a small work for memories of visiting Shuzenji Onsen? You can teach me very kindly and polite.

7min from Knot

806-1 Shuzenji
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Machi navi Yururi
- 【Kimono rental】

Opposite the bus terminal “Shuzenji Onsen” is a rental accessories and yukata specialty store “Machi navi Yururi”. They offer 160 yukata and 90 kimonos for men and women. There are various kinds of small items such as various types of clogs, hair ornaments, and handbags, so you can wear them. Guests can return the next day. The number of people walking in a yukata and walking in Shuzenji Onsen is increasing!

4min from Knot

818-1 Shuzenji
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Jinrikisha Izu matsuzaki gumi
- 【Rickshaw】

・ Exploration course: ¥ 2,000 yen (20min) Depart from the gate of Shuzenji, the center of the hot spring town, and go around Shuzenji Onsen Town.
 ・ A little luxury! Small diameter of bamboo path Enjoyment course: ¥ 3,000 yen (30min)
You will go around the Shuzenji Onsen Town and run with a rickshaw in the bamboo path! You can fully enjoy taking photos at your favorite location on the way.

min from Knot

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