Go To トラベルキャンペーンに関する重要なお知らせ - Hostel Knot Go To トラベルキャンペーンに関する重要なお知らせ - Hostel Knot
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当施設Hostel Knotはこの度「Go to トラベルキャンペーン」への施設登録を行いましたことご報告いたします。



We would like to report that our facility, Hostel Knot will resister the Japanese government’s subsidy ‘Go To Travel Campaign’. Previous report was that we had passed on that campaign in some reasons, however, this time we have decided to become one of the accommodations participating in the campaign.

Being in a position where we welcome guests, we have made this decision after considering fairness, equality, and validity of our guests. We would like to explain the 4 reasons of to why we have remade the decision, and appreciate your understanding.

1. 予約システムの大幅な改善・簡素化

1. Reservation systems are developed drastically

8月当初の時点では自社ホームページからの予約は「Go To キャンペーン」の対象外となっており、国の指定する第三者機関の新たな予約システムを導入しなければなりませんでした。

As of the beginning of August, reservations made from our website were not covered by the “Go To Campaign”, and a new reservation system for a third-party organization designated by the government had to be introduced. Currently, the reservation system used by our facility has been registered by a third party, and the reservation system has been simplified. For all users, we have reconfirmed the validity, including the confirmation at our facility.

2. 東京都民のキャンペーン適用開始

1. Reservation systems are developed drastically.


As you still know, Tokyo residents were included to take part in the campaign on October 1st. The property is in this situation and will provide services to all of you. The situation which Tokyo residents didn’t have the qualifications of campaign was complicated, but the situation completely different now.  

以上の2つを主な理由として、今回 Go To キャンペーンの参画を決定いたしました。




For the above two reasons, we have decided to participate in the Go To Campaign this time.

[Everyone who stayed at the decision to participate in this campaign after seeing off the campaign] Everyone who could not apply the campaign due to the circumstances of this facility We are very sorry for the reservations made so far, but we would appreciate it if you could understand that we cannot take measures for the retroactive campaign. We are very sorry. We sincerely apologize.

We hope that all of you who have been patronizing us on a regular basis and those who are considering this facility will understand this.


Hostel Knot
代表 山本涼平
Rep. Ryohei Yamamoto