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Rainy season is finally gradually changing to hot and humid season. Summer has finally come!! (hoping for no more rain…) Please keep hydrated. 

Here is the room rate for August. We will offer the following below… 
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have been only allowing irregular booking plans. We are so sorry the explanation may be difficult to understand.

Our rooms have only been available for charter only during July. But for August, we will tentatively have our mixed dormitory (usually max 8 people) open only for up to 4 people due to the policy of maximum occupancy policy.

Of course, you can stay with minimum number of friends and/or families in the 「6 room dormitory」or the 「Japanese twin room」. This plan is for you and your friends and/or families to feel safe during your stay at Hostel Knot.

This price rate listed above is the normal rate for August. We have a seasonal rate for a couple of days (i.e. obon festival and weekends). Please check the price on our HP.

Please practice thorough infection prevention measures and we will be waiting for you in Izu Peninsula.