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3月末より長らく休業していたHostel Knotも、7月1日から営業再開となります。

まだ不特定多数のお客様とのご利用が不安に思われるゲストハウスに安心してお泊りいただけるよう、Hostel Knotでは7月限定で男女混合・女性専用ドミトリーを2名様から、個室を1名様から貸切でお泊りいただけるお得で安心な貸切プランを作りました。





・お問い合わせいただければドミトリーを1名様で宿泊することもできますが、その場合の料金は 2名様分と同額で¥7,200となります。1名様の場合、個室をおすすめいたします。

Travel restrictions have been lifted in the country. I hope little by little things are getting back to normal.

We have temporarily closed Hostel Knot from end of March, and just reopened July 1st.

We understand everyone’s concerns of staying with unspecified majority in a guesthouse/hostel, but we are making our effort for our guests to feel safe during your stay with us. JULY ONLY, a reasonable charter plan is available.
Mixed dormitory & female dormitory will only be available for a party of 2 to 6. Private twin room will be available for 1 to 2 people. 

Normally, we don’t accept private reservations for dormitory rooms, but only during July, we would like our guests to feel at safe when staying with friends or families.

Because during this time, we are sensitive of the distance with other people and our surroundings, our staffs are putting into effort daily to make your travel safe and becoming a knot between「people to people」「people to Izu」

We look forward to meeting you.


・Only during July, we will only be accepting private reserved reservations for each of our rooms.
・We may be able to arrange a dormitory room for 1 person, only if you contact us. But we will have to charge you the same price for 2 people which will cost ¥7,200. We recommend you to book our private twin room if you are staying alone.
・For walk-ups only we will charge you ¥3,300/night in our dormitory. But PLEASE call ahead for availability.