Shuzenji Onsen’s pub where locals gather


Ashidematoi, the only pub available in Shuzenji Onsen.
 Locals gather for a drink or two whether its a weekend or a weekday, it just doesn’t matter…
the locals of Shuzenji Onsen just loves to drink.
Before COVID-19 started spreading,
Ashidematoi was popular to tourists and foreigners as well.
The master can speak broken English and the locals will welcome you with warm heart!
So gather up your courage and give Ashidematoi a shot!



Mega Size

Lemon Sour

Ashidematoi’s top 3 popular alcohol are lemon sour
(vodka with lemon flavored soda), shochu, and highball (whiskey with soda).
Order a bottle of shochu/whiskey/or other alcohol when with large groups.
If you’re a heavy drinker, ask for a mega size (trust me your bill will be cheaper than normal).
If you want to have a long night talking with locals then just order the regular size.
Of course they have non-alcohol & soft drinks as well for those who can’t handle alcohol.
They have nibbles available for you to share with friends or neighbors.
If you’re a little hungry, I suggest you order their Grilled Sandwiches (also known as Toastie).

How to Enjoy

Ashidematoi’s master, born and raised in Shuzenji Onsen and is still in love with Shuzenji Onsen.
I promise you, if you visit once, you will also become a fan of Ashidematoi.
He loves exciting events and loves to talk to foreigners and tourists.
He’s like a brother to everyone in the area and
people naturally have smiles on their faces when talking to him.
He can only speak Broken English.

Original Shirts on SALE

Ashidematoi’s original brand, “ASHIDE”,
original shirts are available in stores, both T shirts and long T shirts.
 How about a souvenir of Shuzenji Onsen? Available in many sizes. 

You can also buy your own Tabidara here.

Online store is here!!
 ※Domestic shipping only.

Business Information

Seat Charge:
Hand Sanitizer:

1116-1 Shuzenji, Izu, Shizuoka 410-2416
7:30 PM~12:00 AM
Cash、Credit Card、Pay Pay、Alipay・・・