I know it’s sudden to ask, but what do you guys imagine when you hear of Shuzenji? Tourist spot? Filming location? Bamboo Forest Pass? Foot bath?

This time, I’ll talk about “Shuzenji’s night charm”.

まず始めにHostel Knotの屋上からの街並みをご紹介します。この写真は夏の時期で、街灯と夕日がとても綺麗ですね。宿泊者の方は屋上を8 : 00 – 21 : 00 まで開放しているのでこの雰囲気を味わえます!屋上から夜空を見上げると星も綺麗に見ることができます。Knotに来た際はぜひ登って見てくださいね。

First , this is the cityscape from the rooftop of Hostel Knot. This photo was taken during the summer of last year. The street and the sunset were very beautiful. The rooftop is open for Knot’s guest from 8 AM to 9 PM. Please visit the rooftop when you stay at Knot.

続いて、これがHostel Knotの目の前の道です。言葉にするのは難しいのですが、夜の静けさと、近くの川の音、そしてこの温かい街灯の光。この雰囲気が何とも言えない魅力なのです。静かでとても落ち着きます。夜の散歩にとてもオススメです!

Next, the street in front of Hostel Knot. It’s difficult to put into words, but the atmosphere is attractive; the quietness at night, the murmuring of the stream, and warm street lamps. I recommend you to take a night walk. 


そして、これが修善寺で有名な竹林の小径の夜の写真です。18 : 00 – 23 : 00頃までライトアップがされています。

This is the light-up photo of the Bamboo Forest Pass which lights up from 6 PM to 11 PM every night.

そして20 : 00からは中央のベンチに男女の絵が映し出されます。こちらは修善寺温泉場で活躍されている切り絵作家の水口ちはるさんの切り絵アートです。

And from 8 PM, the picture of a man and a woman are projected on the central bench. This is the paper cutting art, made by Chiharu Mizuguchi, active in paper cutting art throughout Shuzenji Onsen.  


Finally, this is the view from the Kokei bridge in front of Shuzenji Temple. Maybe you’ve seen the daytime version view from this bridge on TV. Of course, the bridge looks beautiful during the day, but the view during the night is also stunning. Please take a night walk while listening to the murmuring of the stream.


How did you like it? Did you understand a little about “Shuzenji’s night charm”? The best part is that you can enjoy two different sides of Shuzenji Onsen.