– Knot of the encounter between people and people, and people and Izu –

With that in mind, in the middle of the Izu Peninsula A small guesthouse was born

“Hostel Knot” 

Here is the knot between the people who visited
and people living in this area

Connecting East / West / South

In this town “Shuzenji” full of nature and the atmosphere of a hot spring town, we wish you a wonderful encounter


The space of the knot, Hostel Knot, is Born after renovation with many people

Handmade warmth in places of the building is full of considering

Have a quiet Shuzenji night, different from daytime we hope you can spend a relaxing time

Japanese modern style room makes you comfortable.
For mixed and female dorm, bunk beds with private book light and locker.
We also have Japanese twin room.

Choose your style and enjoy exploring in Izu.


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